Scaling Your Coaching Business: Strategies to Reach 1M a Year

Learn how to scale your coaching business with strategies such as creating intellectual property content, using webinars, installing automation, hiring other coaches, and using health tracking apps.

Scaling Your Coaching Business: Strategies to Reach 1M a Year

The key to scaling your coaching business is to create a model that works for you. To do this, you need to focus on three main accelerators: filling your funnel, creating authority, and installing automation. Once you have these three elements in place, you can start to increase your reach and grow your business. One way to fill your funnel is to create intellectual property (IP) content.

This content can be used to attract potential clients and build your reputation as an expert in the field. You can also use webinars to increase your authority and make it easier to sell your services. Finally, you can use automation to streamline processes and free up more time for coaching. A shocking study showed that more than 85% of coaches spend less than half of their time training.

To solve this low-scale problem, you can try hiring other coaches to work one-on-one with your clients. This will help you reach a larger population and provide a new dimension to your training that can be structured as a premium offering or as a simple way to launch a low-contact digital offering. In addition, you can use health tracking apps to better understand where to invest your time and help you develop a coaching business that can be as flexible as you want. If your schedule is truly streamlined and you've pushed digitalization to the limit, it may be time to consider more traditional ways to expand capacity, such as adding new coaches to your organization or franchising your brand.

By using these strategies, coaches have the unprecedented ability to help create new leaders and scale their practices in ways that benefit their clients more than traditional training models. We take coaching companies and take them from 10,000 a month to six figures and help them reach 1M a year.